Monday, September 28, 2009

Raya 09

This year raya was great,not that speacial but great :).The first day of raya,I quickly put on my new baju kurung my mom bought at vietnam.I love the detailing of thebeads.Very well-made.The off to Gombak.Dad planned to pray there.Its very weird at first because we are not fasting anymore ,oh and i ate ketupat ,rendang, those foods,many times.Sorry for making you boncet tummy.

With beloved mum

I know i look like like a kiddie who wants to sit in between of their parents,whatever.

After Gombak,we went straight to Johor.Oh i just love my cousins there.We're all very close and all of us are tenagers,plus there are no guys in my dad's its not hard at all,teehee.


Oh its been a while (wait,2 years,i think.) i havent touch any mercun ,fire crackers and even pop pop! I guess we're all grown up too fast and not into these stuff anymore.I felt that too.its sad but one night my aunt suprises us with a plastic full of,you know,various of mercuns.So what are we waiting for ? its been a really while.

I had a really great time spending quality time with my family :)

P.s.Not that much to tell.Im not feeling that good.Im having a fever :/


Thursday, September 17, 2009


Today i had fun.Its the last day of school before raya starts.Im gonna miss them :'(

thanks maryam for the pictures :)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Pack your bags,

To all of you guys out there,selamat hari raya and i want to apologize if i had done anything wrong,i am truly sorry.I hope you guys enjoy celebrating hari raya with your family next week, appreciate them while they are still here.


I hear roar no more

Not having much fun lately.Is studying and doing homeworks is the cause?.Whenever i started putting my nerd glasses on,i began to think that life is so serious,then i became more serious and down.If being an all miss good nerd is the cause of my unhappiness,now that truly sucks.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Very transparent


Last sunday was fun.Buka puasa with my beloved ssaasband members at shieqa's.I was the second earliest so i helped to welcome the guys while shieqa had her bath.Exhausting,because shieqa's house is huge.I can't even recall how many times i went up and down the house. fiuh

I went back home around 12 pm and went,um straight watching the tv .I can't help it but to think and replay the scene in my head where he actually talked to me.Thanks,i really miss your voice,your laughter.

Today school was not okay.I spent the first three period almost not talking to anybody.It started when i found out my so-called friend was being a two-faced meanie,kay whatever up to you s.I gave you all my trust and you've done this thing to me like,three times.i don't have anything to say.Oh and Az,i know i may have hurt you but,i don't have the strength anymore,you know what i mean.

I really can't wait for tomorrow.


Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smart is the new sexy


Just done ironing the clothes,pergh.(shut up syameem).Today i attended band practice but a bit late.I slept after sahur and i didn't realize it was 8 15 am until syafiq texted me.

Yesterday was quite fun.Azri invited me to buka puasa with him and a bunch of his friends.Didn't want to hurt his feelings so i decided to go.Went there with sarah and fatin.The portion of the food is sort of big and i didn't finish it.Azri paid my food.Thank you so much.

Then went to skatepark.Hang around ,syafiq called me and said he was there so yeah,i hung out with him ijol and akiem pula.Went back with my dad around 11 30.Guys,thanks for keeping me company :) .

Home,i change into my kaftan and went straight to bed.

And i slept with a smile on my face.


Friday, September 11, 2009

Broken strings


I am home alone now.My maid's gone to her kampung until after two weeks of raya.So maybe i have to do alot of chores around especially washing the clothes, Great.My family are going back to square one.

I am craving to watch a theater musical right now,its been a while.

*listening to disney's song.In the disney princess characters,who do you like the most ? I like Jasmine from Aladdin.She always up for some good adventure and a bit rough at times.I adore her voice too,heh.

Yesterday buka puasa i had trifle.It was ( insert any grossed out expressions here).Mom's trifle was 20x better and usually i ate spaghetti in,anywhere,mom's is still the in the first top chart.Our mum's cook always taste delicious and better,why ? maybe they did it with love and seikhlas hati haha.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

To cine,

Happy birthday !
Cine is a year older but as sexy as ever !


Wednesday, September 9, 2009


09.09.09 only happen once so i celebrate it by eating sour ribbon,nyuumm.Its been a long time since the last time i had one.Sometimes creepy numbers like today's date really reminds me of the movie,Knowing.God,numbers just creep me hell out.Maybe thats why im bad in mathemathics,oooooo.


Down to my left,


In my thought,Harem
pants looks pretty cool in runways o.o

My eyes are like panda's now,I slept late last night and have to wake up early since there is going to be a band practice.Ohh God,im not even ready for my presentation today,which is on the first period. ugh

My mom told me to stop blogging and start studying instead,Yeah sometimes i do blog alot until i didn't even realize i have soo much homework to do.Sorry mum.

My stomach's already yearning for food but its just 10 am ! whatever ,im going now.Ohh shower here i come.


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gimme those

Man,you really need a kick on the butt.

You're the ultimate


Oh in the picture above,azri made that for me,thanks dude its really cute.The word for today,really um random and easy ? .Nothing much happened,really.

We have two more weeks to go and then its hari raya !Hurrah ! So, from that first hari raya i have to put my halo on and be kind to everyone,start apologizing and stuff.

I always love the first day of raya.In the morning i will see many ketupat and rendang,nyum.Then the people from the mosque will come,Then have a good laugh with all of my cousins.Its a great feeling you know,this whole 'family-bond' thingy.

I am listening to zee avi's song and chatting with hariz shah the great haha.Geez boredom.Oh headache headache,please go away


Monday, September 7, 2009


Horn power,Enjoy this video :)


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Come with me on this ride


I spend most of my time sleeping today.I woke up at 1 pm then took my bath,then sleep again till 6 pm.Read magazines until its time for buka.I know,lifeless kan?.I have nothing else to do.

Tomorrow we don't have to go to school so,i think im gonna help my dad spring clean the house and rearrange a few furnitures.

Im going to have a band function somewhere 24th and the 26th october.The wow part is we have to learn at least 5 new songs for a month.This one is going to be a hell.And the best part,on the 26th,rumour has it that its the final exam date.what.the.eff.And on the 25th is my birthday,gosh.Now practice everyday before school starts.Ohh this going to be a busy month.With studies,and alot more.I seriously need to get everything organized properly,now.

Oh and thanks chicken soup for the soul for your company with me every night.


Friday, September 4, 2009

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ?


I just finished reading cleo and seventeen's horoscope page.Its freaakkyy because everything matches on what im going through.Haha this really reminds me of freaky friday,getting your body switched with your mom seems though tho.

After school just now,i accompany my sister to go to pasar ramadhan.As we waited for our putu piring,They are two kids talking to each other.a boy and a girl.Maybe around 4 years old. girl/ awak nak kahwin tak nanti bila besar? boy/ nak,kite nak kahwin dengan awak. girl /oh kite pon nak kahwin dengan awak *smiling boy/ looking and smiling at her.I watch them.My thoughts is full with words.Do they really understand what they are talking about? They are kids,are they too young to understand love? no u are never too young to understand love.

Tomorrow there's going to be a band practice.I don't know what we all going to do because since we are all fasting,i think we just going to learn our new song.

I heard most,uhm,few of my classmates are now having bfs and gfs.I wonder,when will i ?Probably never.Im no good and im busy spending time with my girls.and with my lovely spongebob.


Thursday, September 3, 2009

Say it again for me

Ohh,last night is such a love text fest.I felt really belonged haha.From one guy to another haha okay i do feel like a bitch there.See why its great to be single? We can do whatever we want without officially hurting a guy's feeling hehe.One of them called me,

him : hello? ni neesa abdullah ke ?
me : haa? ha ah
him : neesa yg mana nii
me : yang pendek,bangang
him : haa ?
me : yang takde sape nak
him : apa dia?
me : huh yang takde sape nak
him: i nak you
me :*laugh softly

awwwhhhhhhhhhhh kan ? lol haha you know who you are.oh and syafiq handsome!(syafiq forced me to write this)


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

x factor

You may be just my ex but you thought me a lesson of life,full of it that changed my perspective towards guys forever. i owe you so much.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Never understimate


Today i got up very early.hugh.My maid knocked on my door many times but i just mumblin' and throwing away pillows.Until she yelled,that it was 12 30 already,i went immediately to the bathroom,brush my teeth,put on clothes ,arrange books and went straight to the bustop.I was late but im used to coming late tho.

I went inside school gate and the prefects just stares.Usually they will come to us and give us slip lewat and start blabbering.I walked,wow this school is really quite.i don't even hear a single noise.Soon,i went into art's class room,everybody stares.Oh Goood,again.I sat down feeling so naive.I didn't realize until cine said " kau mesti lupe en harini sekolah start 12 30 haha".Oh YEAH i totally forgot.I was such a blur dummy.Kay this time i was really late but it was fun i wanna try em' again hehe.

Have i mention you that today is the brightest great day to start school? no? well,its absolutely the opposite.I woke up,it was raining and comfortably chilly.No sunshine at all.mhhmm what a good day to sleep.But the highlight of today is i had a great laugh with Firdaus and the guys.Glad i have those lads around to keep me happy *smiles

Oh gossip girl is here.The tv is calling me.Better not miss it.


What is that smell ?


Today was great! As you can see the picture above,i had my hair cut already,what do you think ?It is now so much shorter oh and when i put my specs on,woah i look intelligent.

Right after my hair being snipped,we went to our usual mall,sunway and i bought well,kind of a lot of things !.Since today is the last day of the mega sale,i took every chance to look on every piece to bargain.I got everything from top to toe.I had new grey skinnies,new cardigan,a sequined top,what else ? oh and a tunic and my fave, studded gladiator heels.Oh thank God i finally own these babies.they're so cute and comfy.Ah i jus lovee the smell of new shoes,i bet every girls do.

We didn't get to see more things because we need to get back and go to my aunt's house.Such a bummer but i am grateful i get to at least buy something.One thing i miss,next mission :find the perfect accessories.

At my aunt's house,there are so many foods for our buka puasa.I spend 5 minutes thinking of what to eat but i end up eating just a few doughnuts and a porridge from the mosque.

krakrukrakrkuk* eating chachos.OMG tomorrow is school day gosh i was barely forgot !.Okay okay all calm.I am calm,because i finished my homeworks.hurrah! Kudos to my brain nerve that won't let me sleep at night.That reminds me,i need my beauty sleep,now.


P/s :Its time to start sniffing books back.But don't worry,later on hari raya we can sniff money *wink