Thursday, September 3, 2009

Say it again for me

Ohh,last night is such a love text fest.I felt really belonged haha.From one guy to another haha okay i do feel like a bitch there.See why its great to be single? We can do whatever we want without officially hurting a guy's feeling hehe.One of them called me,

him : hello? ni neesa abdullah ke ?
me : haa? ha ah
him : neesa yg mana nii
me : yang pendek,bangang
him : haa ?
me : yang takde sape nak
him : apa dia?
me : huh yang takde sape nak
him: i nak you
me :*laugh softly

awwwhhhhhhhhhhh kan ? lol haha you know who you are.oh and syafiq handsome!(syafiq forced me to write this)