Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hello :)

so this post is mostly about band so embrace yourself hah

Today was great ! I went to support my band for drum battle in celcom s.o.x drum and cheer competition .So to percussions , congrats to you guys .They made it into the final which will be going to be on the 5th june in kl.Do come to support us :) .Also thanks to non-band members who came to support for ssaas too .

There are also cheerleading and goodie giveaways and stuff.The day before , me ,thish,cine ,theera and syaz made poms poms in the colour of our marching uniforms. thought it was cute as it is sooo tiny hihi .

I walked alot today and im having a 'feetache' going on haha .My family is watching avatar.i like that movie,think im goin to join them bye !


since its been a long time since i put my band's pictre in this blog,soo

One of the pictures took by abg anan from our school sports day event


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

enough of enough

To girls out there,
have you gave everything to a guy who suddenly change his mind ?
even a little dignity?

i did, alot.

and i get nothing but a bitchslap in the end.i was fucking stupid ,i know.

p.s. i swear you are never going to find another that is better than me.No girl is that pathethic to love you as much as i did before.Even if there are,in the end she will leave you crying with the tears of blood.thats a promise,you'll see.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back with blogspot

I adore zac efron in this movie.He looks so good for God's sake .
Okay so hi :)

First i want to apologize to all of my readers since i havent update my blog for soooo long.I know,i sorry .Last night i realize that my blogspot must be covered with spider webs but im here now to dust it off hihi .I almost forgot my email and password to my blogspot.Thank God i did not .

I am halfway to finishing my kerja kursus .Thanks to technology,internet facility,i done my folio in a blink.Also,thanks to my dearest sister for her laptop.

Alright as you guys know,i am more active in tumblr.wait,have i told you address? in case, here is it .Not so much,i just post pictures that i like and a few notes .

I promise i write back :)


Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Okay its beeeeeeeeeeen a long time and i am fucking lazy to update my blogspot sorry.
Im here to inform that i am fine,okay life's fine.I am single,ignore the fucking chatbox.okay im out of ideas.


Monday, February 8, 2010


OMG its been a while isnt it?


I miss blogspott.I mean,not really but a bit.Im addicted to tumblr now.
School's been okay.Homeworks and stuff.I starting to like maths ! .believe me i like doing maths homeworks now even though im not good at it,at least i try.My fave maths topic from form 1 till now is lines and angles.always a favorite.Don't know why.

I don't like my classroom.macam kandang babi.serious.And the guys won't even give any commitment to the class.I have to "korangg haziq,fatin,blabla,blabla,bersihkan kelas sekarangg" or else they won't do it and the class will look forever garbage.and the teacher will blame me and the class monitor.Everyday same routine,same script.fucking tired.

Tomorrow is me and my boyfriend's 3rd month annivesary!.Sure we had a few fights lately but its okay,if none of that happen,we don't probably learn.I love my boyfriend.


Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Its been two days since i just do tumblr andd
im already addicted to it T.T

oh here is my tumblr url, .
he he he



Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Just watched adam lambert's video

Life's okay but i don't know.
i have a tumblr now :)
okay serious takda mood.


Thursday, January 28, 2010

up and down

Klwmbc's.curi from fian's tumblr.


Life's fine.Okay no,actually kinda suck but i just have to face the fact.There is more people out there going through a sucker tougher times.I tried to think positive most of the time but one day when i totally hide my feelings inside,the night i fucking burst out.fucking can't stand anymore.Three of my pillows went completely wet.Then april (my cat) came into my room just on time and lean near me and licked my fingers.I cried harder.

I just went back from julie's house.okay her grandma's .Shieqa went nuts because who-know-why.They said something thats going to haunt me every night.seriously shitt.

I feel like munching unhealthy junk food.Im at syaz's now so 7 eleven is just nearby so..okay no tak jadi.malas.Syazzz nakk maakkaaann.I know,this is why im fat.

I want to go.I feel like hugging someone.


P.s.i will do tumblr someday.