Saturday, May 1, 2010


Hello :)

so this post is mostly about band so embrace yourself hah

Today was great ! I went to support my band for drum battle in celcom s.o.x drum and cheer competition .So to percussions , congrats to you guys .They made it into the final which will be going to be on the 5th june in kl.Do come to support us :) .Also thanks to non-band members who came to support for ssaas too .

There are also cheerleading and goodie giveaways and stuff.The day before , me ,thish,cine ,theera and syaz made poms poms in the colour of our marching uniforms. thought it was cute as it is sooo tiny hihi .

I walked alot today and im having a 'feetache' going on haha .My family is watching avatar.i like that movie,think im goin to join them bye !


since its been a long time since i put my band's pictre in this blog,soo

One of the pictures took by abg anan from our school sports day event