Tuesday, April 27, 2010

enough of enough

To girls out there,
have you gave everything to a guy who suddenly change his mind ?
even a little dignity?

i did, alot.

and i get nothing but a bitchslap in the end.i was fucking stupid ,i know.

p.s. i swear you are never going to find another that is better than me.No girl is that pathethic to love you as much as i did before.Even if there are,in the end she will leave you crying with the tears of blood.thats a promise,you'll see.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Back with blogspot

I adore zac efron in this movie.He looks so good for God's sake .
Okay so hi :)

First i want to apologize to all of my readers since i havent update my blog for soooo long.I know,i know.im sorry .Last night i realize that my blogspot must be covered with spider webs but im here now to dust it off hihi .I almost forgot my email and password to my blogspot.Thank God i did not .

I am halfway to finishing my kerja kursus .Thanks to technology,internet facility,i done my folio in a blink.Also,thanks to my dearest sister for her laptop.

Alright as you guys know,i am more active in tumblr.wait,have i told you address? in case, here is it http://neesot.tumblr.com/ .Not so much,i just post pictures that i like and a few notes .

I promise i write back :)