Thursday, December 31, 2009


Abg anan sent me a comment in myspace about band,
and he wrote something that sure fasten my heart beat.




Yess absofuckinglutely true
I would do the same thing if i were you.

But,what the hell u did the same thing too.

Yes i know everything fucking rhymes

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

before the countdown survey

2009: In the beginning

Where did you bring in the New Year? In the living room
Who were you with? my family
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? nope
Did you make any resolutions? Yess

2009: Your love life

Did you break up with anyone? Yes,once
Did you get anything for Valentine’s day? A box of chocolate i think
Did you meet anyone special? Yes.
Did you fall in love? Definitely

2009: Friends and enemies

Did you meet any new friends this year? Oh yess yess alot

Did any of your friendships end? nopee
Did you dislike anyone? right now nope
Did you make any new enemies? I fucking don't want to
Did you resolve any fights? maybe
Who was your closest friend? Shieqa theera<3
Who did you grow apart from? gee
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? rarely

2009: Your birthday

Did you have a cake? Yes !
What did you do for your birthday? hang out with my boyfriend
Did you have a party? no
Did you get any presents? yeah :D
If so what was the best thing you got? A birthday kiss

2009: All about you

Did you change at all this year? i don't know,ask my friends
Did you dye your hair? No but wanted to
Did you get your hair cut? Yeah i do
Did you change your style? Yess i love to mix match depends on my mood
Were you in school? Yess form 2
Did you get good grades? My school grades,nothing i can be proud of
Did you have a job? no.
Do you drive? no but i want to,someday
Did you own a car? no
Did anyone close to you gave birth? Noo
Did you move at all? naah
Did you go on any vacations? i went to penang
Would you change anything about yourself now? i don't think so

2009: Wrap up

Is 2009 a good year? yes good and plenty maybe
Did 2009 bring any new insights? a bit
Do you think 2010 will be a better year? I really fucking hope so.


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


LMFAO on the two below boxes !

Hey there,

Yes i changed my blog url since my brain is so blank.My family actually reads every posts in my blog.I mean,i know my mom reads it and she just chillax but now i don't think its comfortable.Needd some privacy heree and its unhealthy for my family members to see me use the F words.Really unhelthy.Except i don't know about my mum,she's been an avid reader of my blog for ages and no nuff nuff about the Ffffuu words.

I am so excited now.I just couldn't wait on what will happen in my life next.Its weird and freaky.Im even excited much to start school.I know i know.

Tomorrow theres band practice.YESS YES! after a month.My horn misses me lol .I just checked out people's tumblr,i love the neat design and the pictures.Okay stop neesa stick to this blog.

I haven't had my shower and its 4 o clock.i know gross but i had my shower late night before i sleep yesterdayy.Okay that doesn't make sense.I often shower late at night just before sleep and my parents keep saying its not good,i know its not but why eh?

Isn't it almost the best thing? You woke up and then u realize u still have time to fall asleep again.Oooh fuckyes



Gee i am so freakin excited

Sunday, December 27, 2009

na ah

Hello there,

Yesterday i bought stationary stuff since school will start not more than three weeks soon.Form 3 student.Yikes.Its sad you know,Im fourteen going fifthteen and strangers and my big families still did not remember my age and keep asking whether im in 5th grade.Am i that small?Nevermind at least i can play with a doll without being teased.

Last friday i went to see my bandmates in mcd.God i miss you surprised that someone i left long ago still actually recognize my smell.Oke its weird .I waste my money on sundae and the coke.It was'nt even half finish.I think i was hungry but i am friggin not.F you period pain u're making me confuse.

I bought a new ring from accessorize.aaah my fav shop.Last night i couldn't sleep so i just continued scrapbooking and cut out stuff i like from magazines.My new hobby craze.

Have you guys list out your next year's resolutions? I have and its a long list to list all of em.This time i must complete everything in the list.Im tired of delaying and end up feeling nom.


p.s.I can't wait this 30th .

Saturday, December 26, 2009



How are you? im fine ngee.

So now im going to tell you about my trip to Penang.It was great tho its a very short trip.Shieqa went to Penang the same day i went there too but,i don't have the chance to meet
First i stayed at royal penang hotel which located somewhere inside Georgetown (francis light passing through my mind a moment) and mum had her meeting in that hotel so we stayed there for a day.We walked around Georgetown,cute buildings.Most of them are old buildings.yeah and i think its pretty cute.

These are old buildings with a modern twist heehe
And so the next day we stayed at another hotel which is nicer and roomier.We stayed at the shangri-la in Batu Ferringhi.

First sister and mum.After we took a few winks in our hotel room.We took a walk at the beach.The beach is not really for swimming because there are jellyfish anywhere in the sea.Few people are being stinged by the jelly.oo


Enjoying the view

Soon i went para sailing with ella.I looooove it oke.Feels like flying.Oh wait i am flying


upp awayy


We also tried the vider.It were so fast my brains are all jumbled up

see what i mean.Even my feets went jumble.Very ganas ride i tell you.

Awh i love this horse

The tropical spice Garden

woahh shakkeeyy

me and sisters

Halfway on our way to botanical garden,we ate durian.Okay they ate the durian.Believe it or not i really hate durian.

This one monkey is very tamak one

With mummy dearest

Sexy back ugh

This is the view from our room.I love sitting there and just hear the sound of the crashing waves.
Thats all.Seriously im not in the mood of writing.All of the pictures above are captured by my dad :) .Penang is okay,the beach is quite nice too.Oh inn Georgetown i bought this really cute doughnut ring.Adorableyy.Okay i want to go to the loo.Malaysia weather makes me wanna peee.

Monday, December 21, 2009

sparkle dust

"always" he said.

Akiem im in love

Hands off the cookie jar



I just woke up and its cold and chilly here.I like.Nothing beats hiding under the blanky on a chilly day with a good book.Same goes to eating ice cream in a park on a hot day.mmm.

Thish sleepover at mine on the friday and saturday night since her family is not home.Yesterday me and my family shopped for baju to wear on my cousin's wedding.Its hard to find baju kebaya in peach nowadays but after browsing many shops,i find one.Simple but its a very nice peach colour.

I bought The Gift cecilia ahern from mph and eventually stuck on it as usual.Its hard to put it down.Moi also bought school uniforms,shoes,tudung (yyayyy back to school) *sigh.Well at least i can still see my friends .Schooling in the morning session seems very weird but maybe i'll get use to it.

Something i realize last night,People who wrote i dont give a fucking damn actually really gives a fuckin damn.Mostly.They just write like that so that they appear cool and people won't mess them.Inside,they are actually really worried what people think.Seems crap to me.

I do give a damn.


Sunday, December 20, 2009


yeahh suck on that.



To mai

The past just keep chasing me back but i tried so hard to change my negative thoughts for you all this while.Sometimes it worked but just for a few days.I tried so hard to trust you too im not gonna lie.When i read your post 'guilty',I hope it comes from your open heart and mind and not from your fingers just to change my mind for me to see you as descent.Im sorry too .i have my reasons and u have yours.I didn't mean it.I just did all this keep-hating-you because i don't want you to do the same thing like you did to me while im with ajiem on the past.You waited him for 7 months so its like,when i read that in your blog,i don't know what to say.You really ripped my heart and its hard but gladly im over that so please don't repeat that because i am fucking in love with your best friend.

Thank you maisarah for respecting me.

Grand finale


Last night i went to see the klwmbc grand final with,again my bandmates.But akiem went to see a gig so he was not following me.My dad drop me and thish and we browse for a lean tall guy who wore specs,yeah we're looking for fiann.

Asma were great as usual but the thailand band won the gold place.I can't remember which thailand school,their names are all,boonwatakua,sunata and such.*dizzy

I was not really in the mood last night because i was like an invisible dummy.Few of em acted like i didn't even existed so i just leave them and walk with abg hariz and abg anan instead.Tenang sikit hati aku.

At the end of the final,after announcing the winner,there were fireworks.Pretty.But its prettier if akiem were there.


p.s.Maybe i'll post some pictures soon.My sis' laptop is very sensitive so i can't really doo all this transferring and downloading.nuff said

Thursday, December 17, 2009

17th Dec


Yesterday me and my bandmates went to see klwmbc at times square.Akiem came along too.Pretty good.I think we missed four bands due to our late transportation i guess.I just wore my purple shirt, skinnies and flipflops.Not in a dress up mood at all.At least my boy still thinks im amazing even im in a pasar shirt to potong cili.

The final two were the kldc and this band from thailand i can't remember their name.The thailand band won the drumbattle but i really prefer kldc.The overall show is great eventhough i had tiring feet tippietoe standing on akiem's shoes to see it.Yeah,this is the reality of a short person.

After that they went to see a movie.Me and akiem wasn't in a popcorn mood so we walk around.I bought new leggings .I don't know why but my feet are really tired back then.I don't usually have sick feets whenever im in mall because of the clothes watching,pretty clothes makes me forget about feet.eugh haha.

Around 5 the the movie ended and we went back home by public.Since i was suprisingly really tired,in the train i was sleeping like a baby in akiem's arm.I can hear he whispers i love you many times in my ear while i on my way to dreamworld.But reality is even better this time♥ .

P.s.Fiann i want the picturess


I tried so hard not to use the F word here.

don't you dare do the same thing to him.or else.

Friday, December 11, 2009


Im in Penang right now :).The beach is pretty.uhh gotta go wanna go to the beach

promise i'll write more soon


Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blair and Chuck


I just done making another bracelet for myself.strangely addictive.

Have guys gone for a holiday? i haven't.Well,tomorrow me and my family will be going to Penang.Aaah i just want to sit on the beach,read good books and just clear my mind.That would be nice.Talk about books for the trip,I desperately yearning for a new one.Maybe i'll take my mom's by Jodi Picoults.Yumm.You can call me a book freak or nerd because its true.My home is like a half library,stacked with books.ask my close friends.

Maryam thought me to be on twitter because she knew i will love it and get addicted to it.Maryam,you just gave me the reason why i shouldn't have twitter.I did not want to be addicted to any social sites now (minus this blog) because deadly pmr is next year.I have to get rid of those stats *sighh

Bytheway,today its me and my boy one month annivesaryy.Hope our relatioship lasts until we had our diesarry.kidding.yeah,till we die because he is the most wonderful boyfriend i've ever had.

I reall miss frankies right now.Especially shieqa and theera.I promise i will go to your house as soon as im back from penang.


Sunday, December 6, 2009



Im the B

Im in a bitchy mood lately.I've been searching for people's mistakes and just bitch about everything.Must be PMS or is it just im being the old me back.I want to apologize you guys.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

You had me at hello


I went to see new moon with akiem last wednesday,I was having a really wonderful time with him.New moon was okay.Not as breathtaking as twilight.I love jacob's abbs though.Like,every girl does kan?I mean for those twlight fans.

My cousins are here.They are sleeping soundly while im updating this blog of mine.My eyes hurt watching this laptop screen too long but what ev.Me and my cousin watched the movie orphan last night.Yeah we always did this kind of stuff when we get together.Scary movie time at nights,making sillyfoods,dressing up that sort of stuff.Yeah you guess it,I dont have any boy cousin at all.all girls.

I've been making a lot of friendship bracelets lately.Since im hell bored here at home so i decided to ruin my time with the threads.Want one? I can make one for you,just contact me.But it involves money.Hey,it's not easy making these okay.

Urm i think i have to go.wanna sleep.My back is hurtin me so much.

oh and akiem,i can't stop thinking about that day as much as you do :)