Sunday, December 20, 2009

Grand finale


Last night i went to see the klwmbc grand final with,again my bandmates.But akiem went to see a gig so he was not following me.My dad drop me and thish and we browse for a lean tall guy who wore specs,yeah we're looking for fiann.

Asma were great as usual but the thailand band won the gold place.I can't remember which thailand school,their names are all,boonwatakua,sunata and such.*dizzy

I was not really in the mood last night because i was like an invisible dummy.Few of em acted like i didn't even existed so i just leave them and walk with abg hariz and abg anan instead.Tenang sikit hati aku.

At the end of the final,after announcing the winner,there were fireworks.Pretty.But its prettier if akiem were there.


p.s.Maybe i'll post some pictures soon.My sis' laptop is very sensitive so i can't really doo all this transferring and downloading.nuff said

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