Sunday, December 20, 2009

To mai

The past just keep chasing me back but i tried so hard to change my negative thoughts for you all this while.Sometimes it worked but just for a few days.I tried so hard to trust you too im not gonna lie.When i read your post 'guilty',I hope it comes from your open heart and mind and not from your fingers just to change my mind for me to see you as descent.Im sorry too .i have my reasons and u have yours.I didn't mean it.I just did all this keep-hating-you because i don't want you to do the same thing like you did to me while im with ajiem on the past.You waited him for 7 months so its like,when i read that in your blog,i don't know what to say.You really ripped my heart and its hard but gladly im over that so please don't repeat that because i am fucking in love with your best friend.

Thank you maisarah for respecting me.

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  1. Hi neese. about my 'guilty' post yes it does come from my heart i'm not lying you. and it's okay i know it's hard for you to stop hating me after what i've done towards you and ajiem like you used to say. hmm and bout the 7 months sorry if it's bothering you kay. i wont repeat the past that's why i am sorry. and dont get me wrong. me and akiem well yknow bfriend so we always hangout and not just the 2 of us, with others and we didnt do anything behind you dont worry. he loves you so much. and because of he's my friend i respect you. not to say that if he's not i dont respect you kay. so, i hope there's no more 'war' between us. i'm sorry and do take care of akiem. you too.