Monday, November 30, 2009


Today was awesome. I love it the way you make me feel like im on top of the world syg.I really love you akiem :)


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Definitely maybe


crunchhcrucnhh *eating snickers.

What a day.Went shopping with mum and my a few undies (okay its not necessary to tell you that,i know) and mum bought me this cute cosy grey jumper too.

Yesterday i ate three round of ketupat and rendang ayam since its hari raya aidiladha.Yeah we(my family) usually take chances during this celebration to fill up our satisfied enough.Then when back to shah alam from gombak,we went to the curve,walk around and im really hungry again.Less than 6 hours?.fatso.

My aunt gave me her huge collection of accessories to me this evening.She is quite fashionable as in her teenage years i think.She has this tiered gold chain beaded necklace,a big black pendant and a lot more which is so vintage.As you see in most shops,like topshop and diva ,they have alot of these vintage-like accessories which cost many bucks.Im lucky to have an aunt that own these stuff that she rarely use anymore.Plus it's real vintage and i won't have to spend a single penny *smiles.

P.s.Im madly in love with the guy who gave me his sweater.


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two dedikasi,


I really miss my classmates.Cine and maryam organized a class party,in front of the library on what do you call eh?dataran?.The party held on last Monday.I arrived a bit late and there was my classmates,well not just classmates,theres azri and amin and iwan and i can't recall.

There was five or four large pizzas but i only ate a slice,oh no,half a slice then i gave my leftovers to amin since i hate the crust.The others finished their pizza,real quick.I don't know how they do it.What kind of species does your stomach has?.Cine ,i was forced to pay you rm10 while i can only ate only a slice of pizza.*pouts.Whatever cine,take the money i know you want to use them for your craving on that ipod,am i right? heheh.They bought alot of party spray?like when u spray it,snowflakes-like comes out and theres ribbon-string-like too i don't know what they call it.

When we all got bored,we headed to sacc and wander around .I bought a nail polish base coat since my old ones ran out and wanted to purposely finish my money.Before we all went back.I bought a few doughnuts from big apple and hang around until my sister came.I had a great laugh with everyone.I love you guys :)

Two dedikasi peeps,i miss you already now.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tamara Goodwin


Last saturday was brilliant.I went to a fashion show,organized by uitm in kl with my sister and her friend.I was wearing a long mermaid shape beaded batik-like skirt.Hard to walk in but i manage to keep up.On spot,we had a light stand up dinner and then the show starts when everybody was on their seats.Our seat was on the fourth row which is kinda suck because im a munchkin and all i can see is their big heads in front of me.The overall show is okay.I admit this is my first time on a fashion show.

I bought a new book by cecilia ahern,the book of tomorrow.I was glued to that book from the moment i flicked it's first page.Cecilia sure knows how to bring life and magic to a book.Like duh,she wrote ps i love you.

I have a huge three zits.on my both side of my cheeks and my forehead.God its really red and disgusting.I thought i will not get any of these on holidays since there is no band and my skin won't exposed to the sun and all those sweat .I was wrong,ahem.

I have'nt had breakfast yet.Im starving to death.Okay not death.I think i want to go off to my private water world now.I mean the shower.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fancy a soup?

~reading chicken soup for the soul

Oh hai,

Today is report cards day ,yayyy (dance with excitement and joy).I am really nervous.I already hear the loud thumping in my heart when im checking my name on which class im in next year.Let's pray to God that i won't drop to E class.Insyallah.

brrrrr (im just cold,im not drinking coke oke)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009



sorry i just ate burger king,mm mozarela cheese.My tummy is,i don't know about to explode maybe.I'm really stuffed.Fatt.But hey,holiday is meant to be a potato couch and eat eat eat every junks right? no? .hmm.

Today went out with my first sister and my tutor which is also my neighbour .We watched 2012 in bukit raja.Not bad but yeah most of the disaster scene kinda makes me go oh shitt what the.All those earthquakes and disaster scenes really thrills me.The effect is neat too.

As you can see,yeah the picture above,that guy is really special.With him,my days are never dull and he makes me laugh,even when i don't wanna smile.I love you very dearly akiem :)

it's snowing in here.My whole body is as cold as joke.Malaysia now is like,the new London or what .


Sunday, November 15, 2009



Tumblr,blogspot,vox,wordpress,livejournal,its pretty much the same thing.My first blog is on blogspot when im in standard 5 where i was a complete retard and then move to vox when i enter my high school years then now,back to blogspot since vox is a bit slow.Syameem uses livejournal but i think lj is a bit too serious and boring.

Yesterday i went to subang parade with mum.Since dad is not home and we all got nothing to do, we end up shopping spree until i got blisters wearing my gladiats.Im in love with booties right now.I know they are not really made for walkin' but they just look georgeous .

Ahh we are going through london weather again. Its raining as usual.Gloomy and cloudy.Im sure today is gonna be a lazy sunday.


Friday, November 13, 2009


Last day of school was great but sad.Im going to miss fatin,maryam,amalina,all of you.I think im going to flunk from D to E class.eugh stupidity.

Now the weather is really riding on a roller coaster ride.Sometimes its hotter than hot then the next minute its raining heavily then it was cloudy and windy.These thing just gave me a flu and a pain in the throat.Im having a fever now.brr so eff cold.Lucky i have akiem's sweater to keep myself warm :)

-10minutes later
Just finished eating burger king.fat.Gotta go i don't think im feellin tht good.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Don't you think its weird,my ex boyfriend has a girlfriend which i really used to bitch about her and the reason why me and my ex broke up.Then now,the best friend of my ex boyfriend's girlfriend,is my boyfriend.

Which is soo twisted.



Im officially yours now akiem :)


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Imagine that


I just ate maggi (mmm healthy) .The sun really shine today but so sad i can't go out.My mates are probably hitting sunway or just chillaxing at a nearby cafe with their buds right now while i stay home,all calm.right.

I've been doing art projects and friendship bracelets since i was grounded.I miss those.In 4th grade,i was an avid collector of make it groovy magazine.I just love making stuff.I remember i used to cut my old clothes ,sew them back to make clothes for my barbie doll haha.Now im super busy with you know,study (ahem) and band.But i still do some though.

Like i read in magazines.Now the fashion craze is booties.vincci have cute ones.Anyway,i checked back my duit raya and it was down to rm100 only.Wheres all the money gone? Duhh money grows on tree right?at least that's what i heard.

Talk about that,imagine there a tree that would grow money.many of em.Each city will have at least 20 .Then on fall,the early bird can catch the worm.Then no one will be poor and lack of money! Lol i must be so bored that i began to imagine about trees.


Its sundae


How y'all doin? im never better.Yesterday i was going to tell my mom that im going to sunway tomorrow.Then she asked about my marks.(Good timing,God.) I showed her a few papers tht i got and she was mad.(yup obviously).She was so dissapointed that she will take me out of the band.Oh no,no way.Anything but not band ,mum.Then she said i am not allowed to go out having fun untill (any guesses?) until i finish my pmr.

How wonderful.

She looks very serious and said i can't enjoy this holiday.I have to study 2 hours minimum a day.Effin insane.I mean,i can do that but right after your final exam? Where your mind is set to have fun? All those plans? It is so sudden.Nevermind,i deserve it anyway.It was my fault for not paying attention in class and being an ass towards my study.All of my study were barely pass.barely.Which is so bad.I hope my parents cool down someday.Thanks shieqa and chuck for being truly there for me that night.Or else my house will be flooded with tears.

huh,time to face the music now.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sealed with a kiss


I spend last night almost not talking to anybody .I was depressed by my final marks.So far,zero a's and one failure,history.I burn the effin midnight oil to get every detail about those francis light ,british and blahblah but i really didn't know what to say when i saw my result.

I wore my new bow waist belt last night to dinner.its really cute as a button.My sister got them as my birthday present.Thanks sis.

Talk about my birthday,

My birthday was great!.I start the day receiving a good morning text from the guy i love and then went lunch with him.He really make me feel comfortable and warm in any way.At night my family took me out on a dinner in Victoria station.I admit that i was really full for dinner because i ate alot on lunch and probably because of my stomachache too.Wore my lace ruffles dress that mom bought in Vietnam recently.

on the 26th after we finished our performance at umw,shieqa gave me this big handmade card.Inside was written by many names,wishing me birthday.Then they sang happy birthday.Awhh.I rather have a handmade stuff from my love ones than them buying me expensive cheebies.soo,

Thanks akiem,ajiem,ijol,syafiq,shieqa,theera,syaz,fian,apai,kocat,thish,maio,teha,aina,aspa,fatin,abg hariz,abg anan,yeow,amy,all of the frankies,ssaasband members,myspacers and everyone that wished me.I love you guys :D

"Happy birthday!u're a year older and a cup size biger!"

S.W.A.L.K x
(for naives,it means sealed with a long kiss)

p.s.Chuck,i'll never forget 25th october <3

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turn the music already,


Exam's over and its been a decade i haven't update anything in this effin blog of mine.Nothing is more bleuagh than old news,well at least i think so.My home computer broke down because of i don't know,doesnt bother me much.At least i can still go online frm my dad's laptop.or my mum's or my sister's.Yeah there is a lot of laptop in my house.come again,four ? .

Final exam is not that hard.I did all my revision in the very last minute due to busy-ness preparing for band's function which is right the day before exam starts.These just gave me a tention headache .Conclusion is,i did my best but i don't think i done best enough.uhhh,get it ? nevermind.sorry mom,dad.

Just had shower.ah so refreshing.Today we have to gave all our 'buku pinjaman' to the spbt back.HURRAH ! :) gotta run,have to go get ready for school