Sunday, November 8, 2009

Its sundae


How y'all doin? im never better.Yesterday i was going to tell my mom that im going to sunway tomorrow.Then she asked about my marks.(Good timing,God.) I showed her a few papers tht i got and she was mad.(yup obviously).She was so dissapointed that she will take me out of the band.Oh no,no way.Anything but not band ,mum.Then she said i am not allowed to go out having fun untill (any guesses?) until i finish my pmr.

How wonderful.

She looks very serious and said i can't enjoy this holiday.I have to study 2 hours minimum a day.Effin insane.I mean,i can do that but right after your final exam? Where your mind is set to have fun? All those plans? It is so sudden.Nevermind,i deserve it anyway.It was my fault for not paying attention in class and being an ass towards my study.All of my study were barely pass.barely.Which is so bad.I hope my parents cool down someday.Thanks shieqa and chuck for being truly there for me that night.Or else my house will be flooded with tears.

huh,time to face the music now.


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