Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sealed with a kiss


I spend last night almost not talking to anybody .I was depressed by my final marks.So far,zero a's and one failure,history.I burn the effin midnight oil to get every detail about those francis light ,british and blahblah but i really didn't know what to say when i saw my result.

I wore my new bow waist belt last night to dinner.its really cute as a button.My sister got them as my birthday present.Thanks sis.

Talk about my birthday,

My birthday was great!.I start the day receiving a good morning text from the guy i love and then went lunch with him.He really make me feel comfortable and warm in any way.At night my family took me out on a dinner in Victoria station.I admit that i was really full for dinner because i ate alot on lunch and probably because of my stomachache too.Wore my lace ruffles dress that mom bought in Vietnam recently.

on the 26th after we finished our performance at umw,shieqa gave me this big handmade card.Inside was written by many names,wishing me birthday.Then they sang happy birthday.Awhh.I rather have a handmade stuff from my love ones than them buying me expensive cheebies.soo,

Thanks akiem,ajiem,ijol,syafiq,shieqa,theera,syaz,fian,apai,kocat,thish,maio,teha,aina,aspa,fatin,abg hariz,abg anan,yeow,amy,all of the frankies,ssaasband members,myspacers and everyone that wished me.I love you guys :D

"Happy birthday!u're a year older and a cup size biger!"

S.W.A.L.K x
(for naives,it means sealed with a long kiss)

p.s.Chuck,i'll never forget 25th october <3

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