Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Turn the music already,


Exam's over and its been a decade i haven't update anything in this effin blog of mine.Nothing is more bleuagh than old news,well at least i think so.My home computer broke down because of i don't know,doesnt bother me much.At least i can still go online frm my dad's laptop.or my mum's or my sister's.Yeah there is a lot of laptop in my house.come again,four ? .

Final exam is not that hard.I did all my revision in the very last minute due to busy-ness preparing for band's function which is right the day before exam starts.These just gave me a tention headache .Conclusion is,i did my best but i don't think i done best enough.uhhh,get it ? nevermind.sorry mom,dad.

Just had shower.ah so refreshing.Today we have to gave all our 'buku pinjaman' to the spbt back.HURRAH ! :) gotta run,have to go get ready for school


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