Sunday, November 8, 2009

Imagine that


I just ate maggi (mmm healthy) .The sun really shine today but so sad i can't go out.My mates are probably hitting sunway or just chillaxing at a nearby cafe with their buds right now while i stay home,all calm.right.

I've been doing art projects and friendship bracelets since i was grounded.I miss those.In 4th grade,i was an avid collector of make it groovy magazine.I just love making stuff.I remember i used to cut my old clothes ,sew them back to make clothes for my barbie doll haha.Now im super busy with you know,study (ahem) and band.But i still do some though.

Like i read in magazines.Now the fashion craze is booties.vincci have cute ones.Anyway,i checked back my duit raya and it was down to rm100 only.Wheres all the money gone? Duhh money grows on tree right?at least that's what i heard.

Talk about that,imagine there a tree that would grow money.many of em.Each city will have at least 20 .Then on fall,the early bird can catch the worm.Then no one will be poor and lack of money! Lol i must be so bored that i began to imagine about trees.


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