Sunday, November 15, 2009



Tumblr,blogspot,vox,wordpress,livejournal,its pretty much the same thing.My first blog is on blogspot when im in standard 5 where i was a complete retard and then move to vox when i enter my high school years then now,back to blogspot since vox is a bit slow.Syameem uses livejournal but i think lj is a bit too serious and boring.

Yesterday i went to subang parade with mum.Since dad is not home and we all got nothing to do, we end up shopping spree until i got blisters wearing my gladiats.Im in love with booties right now.I know they are not really made for walkin' but they just look georgeous .

Ahh we are going through london weather again. Its raining as usual.Gloomy and cloudy.Im sure today is gonna be a lazy sunday.