Tuesday, November 17, 2009



sorry i just ate burger king,mm mozarela cheese.My tummy is,i don't know about to explode maybe.I'm really stuffed.Fatt.But hey,holiday is meant to be a potato couch and eat eat eat every junks right? no? .hmm.

Today went out with my first sister and my tutor which is also my neighbour .We watched 2012 in bukit raja.Not bad but yeah most of the disaster scene kinda makes me go oh shitt what the.All those earthquakes and disaster scenes really thrills me.The effect is neat too.

As you can see,yeah the picture above,that guy is really special.With him,my days are never dull and he makes me laugh,even when i don't wanna smile.I love you very dearly akiem :)

it's snowing in here.My whole body is as cold as ice.no joke.Malaysia now is like,the new London or what .


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