Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tamara Goodwin


Last saturday was brilliant.I went to a fashion show,organized by uitm in kl with my sister and her friend.I was wearing a long mermaid shape beaded batik-like skirt.Hard to walk in but i manage to keep up.On spot,we had a light stand up dinner and then the show starts when everybody was on their seats.Our seat was on the fourth row which is kinda suck because im a munchkin and all i can see is their big heads in front of me.The overall show is okay.I admit this is my first time on a fashion show.

I bought a new book by cecilia ahern,the book of tomorrow.I was glued to that book from the moment i flicked it's first page.Cecilia sure knows how to bring life and magic to a book.Like duh,she wrote ps i love you.

I have a huge three zits.on my both side of my cheeks and my forehead.God its really red and disgusting.I thought i will not get any of these on holidays since there is no band and my skin won't exposed to the sun and all those sweat .I was wrong,ahem.

I have'nt had breakfast yet.Im starving to death.Okay not death.I think i want to go off to my private water world now.I mean the shower.


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