Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two dedikasi,


I really miss my classmates.Cine and maryam organized a class party,in front of the library on what do you call eh?dataran?.The party held on last Monday.I arrived a bit late and there was my classmates,well not just classmates,theres azri and amin and iwan and i can't recall.

There was five or four large pizzas but i only ate a slice,oh no,half a slice then i gave my leftovers to amin since i hate the crust.The others finished their pizza,real quick.I don't know how they do it.What kind of species does your stomach has?.Cine ,i was forced to pay you rm10 while i can only ate only a slice of pizza.*pouts.Whatever cine,take the money i know you want to use them for your craving on that ipod,am i right? heheh.They bought alot of party spray?like when u spray it,snowflakes-like comes out and theres ribbon-string-like too i don't know what they call it.

When we all got bored,we headed to sacc and wander around .I bought a nail polish base coat since my old ones ran out and wanted to purposely finish my money.Before we all went back.I bought a few doughnuts from big apple and hang around until my sister came.I had a great laugh with everyone.I love you guys :)

Two dedikasi peeps,i miss you already now.