Thursday, December 17, 2009

17th Dec


Yesterday me and my bandmates went to see klwmbc at times square.Akiem came along too.Pretty good.I think we missed four bands due to our late transportation i guess.I just wore my purple shirt, skinnies and flipflops.Not in a dress up mood at all.At least my boy still thinks im amazing even im in a pasar shirt to potong cili.

The final two were the kldc and this band from thailand i can't remember their name.The thailand band won the drumbattle but i really prefer kldc.The overall show is great eventhough i had tiring feet tippietoe standing on akiem's shoes to see it.Yeah,this is the reality of a short person.

After that they went to see a movie.Me and akiem wasn't in a popcorn mood so we walk around.I bought new leggings .I don't know why but my feet are really tired back then.I don't usually have sick feets whenever im in mall because of the clothes watching,pretty clothes makes me forget about feet.eugh haha.

Around 5 the the movie ended and we went back home by public.Since i was suprisingly really tired,in the train i was sleeping like a baby in akiem's arm.I can hear he whispers i love you many times in my ear while i on my way to dreamworld.But reality is even better this time♥ .

P.s.Fiann i want the picturess


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