Saturday, December 26, 2009



How are you? im fine ngee.

So now im going to tell you about my trip to Penang.It was great tho its a very short trip.Shieqa went to Penang the same day i went there too but,i don't have the chance to meet
First i stayed at royal penang hotel which located somewhere inside Georgetown (francis light passing through my mind a moment) and mum had her meeting in that hotel so we stayed there for a day.We walked around Georgetown,cute buildings.Most of them are old buildings.yeah and i think its pretty cute.

These are old buildings with a modern twist heehe
And so the next day we stayed at another hotel which is nicer and roomier.We stayed at the shangri-la in Batu Ferringhi.

First sister and mum.After we took a few winks in our hotel room.We took a walk at the beach.The beach is not really for swimming because there are jellyfish anywhere in the sea.Few people are being stinged by the jelly.oo


Enjoying the view

Soon i went para sailing with ella.I looooove it oke.Feels like flying.Oh wait i am flying


upp awayy


We also tried the vider.It were so fast my brains are all jumbled up

see what i mean.Even my feets went jumble.Very ganas ride i tell you.

Awh i love this horse

The tropical spice Garden

woahh shakkeeyy

me and sisters

Halfway on our way to botanical garden,we ate durian.Okay they ate the durian.Believe it or not i really hate durian.

This one monkey is very tamak one

With mummy dearest

Sexy back ugh

This is the view from our room.I love sitting there and just hear the sound of the crashing waves.
Thats all.Seriously im not in the mood of writing.All of the pictures above are captured by my dad :) .Penang is okay,the beach is quite nice too.Oh inn Georgetown i bought this really cute doughnut ring.Adorableyy.Okay i want to go to the loo.Malaysia weather makes me wanna peee.

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