Sunday, December 27, 2009

na ah

Hello there,

Yesterday i bought stationary stuff since school will start not more than three weeks soon.Form 3 student.Yikes.Its sad you know,Im fourteen going fifthteen and strangers and my big families still did not remember my age and keep asking whether im in 5th grade.Am i that small?Nevermind at least i can play with a doll without being teased.

Last friday i went to see my bandmates in mcd.God i miss you surprised that someone i left long ago still actually recognize my smell.Oke its weird .I waste my money on sundae and the coke.It was'nt even half finish.I think i was hungry but i am friggin not.F you period pain u're making me confuse.

I bought a new ring from accessorize.aaah my fav shop.Last night i couldn't sleep so i just continued scrapbooking and cut out stuff i like from magazines.My new hobby craze.

Have you guys list out your next year's resolutions? I have and its a long list to list all of em.This time i must complete everything in the list.Im tired of delaying and end up feeling nom.


p.s.I can't wait this 30th .

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