Saturday, December 5, 2009

You had me at hello


I went to see new moon with akiem last wednesday,I was having a really wonderful time with him.New moon was okay.Not as breathtaking as twilight.I love jacob's abbs though.Like,every girl does kan?I mean for those twlight fans.

My cousins are here.They are sleeping soundly while im updating this blog of mine.My eyes hurt watching this laptop screen too long but what ev.Me and my cousin watched the movie orphan last night.Yeah we always did this kind of stuff when we get together.Scary movie time at nights,making sillyfoods,dressing up that sort of stuff.Yeah you guess it,I dont have any boy cousin at all.all girls.

I've been making a lot of friendship bracelets lately.Since im hell bored here at home so i decided to ruin my time with the threads.Want one? I can make one for you,just contact me.But it involves money.Hey,it's not easy making these okay.

Urm i think i have to go.wanna sleep.My back is hurtin me so much.

oh and akiem,i can't stop thinking about that day as much as you do :)


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