Wednesday, December 30, 2009

before the countdown survey

2009: In the beginning

Where did you bring in the New Year? In the living room
Who were you with? my family
Did you kiss anyone at midnight? nope
Did you make any resolutions? Yess

2009: Your love life

Did you break up with anyone? Yes,once
Did you get anything for Valentine’s day? A box of chocolate i think
Did you meet anyone special? Yes.
Did you fall in love? Definitely

2009: Friends and enemies

Did you meet any new friends this year? Oh yess yess alot

Did any of your friendships end? nopee
Did you dislike anyone? right now nope
Did you make any new enemies? I fucking don't want to
Did you resolve any fights? maybe
Who was your closest friend? Shieqa theera<3
Who did you grow apart from? gee
Do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships? rarely

2009: Your birthday

Did you have a cake? Yes !
What did you do for your birthday? hang out with my boyfriend
Did you have a party? no
Did you get any presents? yeah :D
If so what was the best thing you got? A birthday kiss

2009: All about you

Did you change at all this year? i don't know,ask my friends
Did you dye your hair? No but wanted to
Did you get your hair cut? Yeah i do
Did you change your style? Yess i love to mix match depends on my mood
Were you in school? Yess form 2
Did you get good grades? My school grades,nothing i can be proud of
Did you have a job? no.
Do you drive? no but i want to,someday
Did you own a car? no
Did anyone close to you gave birth? Noo
Did you move at all? naah
Did you go on any vacations? i went to penang
Would you change anything about yourself now? i don't think so

2009: Wrap up

Is 2009 a good year? yes good and plenty maybe
Did 2009 bring any new insights? a bit
Do you think 2010 will be a better year? I really fucking hope so.


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