Tuesday, December 29, 2009


LMFAO on the two below boxes !

Hey there,

Yes i changed my blog url since my brain is so blank.My family actually reads every posts in my blog.I mean,i know my mom reads it and she just chillax but now i don't think its comfortable.Needd some privacy heree and its unhealthy for my family members to see me use the F words.Really unhelthy.Except i don't know about my mum,she's been an avid reader of my blog for ages and no nuff nuff about the Ffffuu words.

I am so excited now.I just couldn't wait on what will happen in my life next.Its weird and freaky.Im even excited much to start school.I know i know.

Tomorrow theres band practice.YESS YES! after a month.My horn misses me lol .I just checked out people's tumblr,i love the neat design and the pictures.Okay stop neesa stick to this blog.

I haven't had my shower and its 4 o clock.i know gross but i had my shower late night before i sleep yesterdayy.Okay that doesn't make sense.I often shower late at night just before sleep and my parents keep saying its not good,i know its not but why eh?

Isn't it almost the best thing? You woke up and then u realize u still have time to fall asleep again.Oooh fuckyes


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