Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Blair and Chuck


I just done making another bracelet for myself.strangely addictive.

Have guys gone for a holiday? i haven't.Well,tomorrow me and my family will be going to Penang.Aaah i just want to sit on the beach,read good books and just clear my mind.That would be nice.Talk about books for the trip,I desperately yearning for a new one.Maybe i'll take my mom's by Jodi Picoults.Yumm.You can call me a book freak or nerd because its true.My home is like a half library,stacked with books.ask my close friends.

Maryam thought me to be on twitter because she knew i will love it and get addicted to it.Maryam,you just gave me the reason why i shouldn't have twitter.I did not want to be addicted to any social sites now (minus this blog) because deadly pmr is next year.I have to get rid of those stats *sighh

Bytheway,today its me and my boy one month annivesaryy.Hope our relatioship lasts until we had our diesarry.kidding.yeah,till we die because he is the most wonderful boyfriend i've ever had.

I reall miss frankies right now.Especially shieqa and theera.I promise i will go to your house as soon as im back from penang.


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