Monday, February 8, 2010


OMG its been a while isnt it?


I miss blogspott.I mean,not really but a bit.Im addicted to tumblr now.
School's been okay.Homeworks and stuff.I starting to like maths ! .believe me i like doing maths homeworks now even though im not good at it,at least i try.My fave maths topic from form 1 till now is lines and angles.always a favorite.Don't know why.

I don't like my classroom.macam kandang babi.serious.And the guys won't even give any commitment to the class.I have to "korangg haziq,fatin,blabla,blabla,bersihkan kelas sekarangg" or else they won't do it and the class will look forever garbage.and the teacher will blame me and the class monitor.Everyday same routine,same script.fucking tired.

Tomorrow is me and my boyfriend's 3rd month annivesary!.Sure we had a few fights lately but its okay,if none of that happen,we don't probably learn.I love my boyfriend.


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