Thursday, January 28, 2010

up and down

Klwmbc's.curi from fian's tumblr.


Life's fine.Okay no,actually kinda suck but i just have to face the fact.There is more people out there going through a sucker tougher times.I tried to think positive most of the time but one day when i totally hide my feelings inside,the night i fucking burst out.fucking can't stand anymore.Three of my pillows went completely wet.Then april (my cat) came into my room just on time and lean near me and licked my fingers.I cried harder.

I just went back from julie's house.okay her grandma's .Shieqa went nuts because who-know-why.They said something thats going to haunt me every night.seriously shitt.

I feel like munching unhealthy junk food.Im at syaz's now so 7 eleven is just nearby so..okay no tak jadi.malas.Syazzz nakk maakkaaann.I know,this is why im fat.

I want to go.I feel like hugging someone.


P.s.i will do tumblr someday.

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