Friday, September 4, 2009

Who lives in a pineapple under the sea ?


I just finished reading cleo and seventeen's horoscope page.Its freaakkyy because everything matches on what im going through.Haha this really reminds me of freaky friday,getting your body switched with your mom seems though tho.

After school just now,i accompany my sister to go to pasar ramadhan.As we waited for our putu piring,They are two kids talking to each other.a boy and a girl.Maybe around 4 years old. girl/ awak nak kahwin tak nanti bila besar? boy/ nak,kite nak kahwin dengan awak. girl /oh kite pon nak kahwin dengan awak *smiling boy/ looking and smiling at her.I watch them.My thoughts is full with words.Do they really understand what they are talking about? They are kids,are they too young to understand love? no u are never too young to understand love.

Tomorrow there's going to be a band practice.I don't know what we all going to do because since we are all fasting,i think we just going to learn our new song.

I heard most,uhm,few of my classmates are now having bfs and gfs.I wonder,when will i ?Probably never.Im no good and im busy spending time with my girls.and with my lovely spongebob.