Sunday, September 6, 2009

Come with me on this ride


I spend most of my time sleeping today.I woke up at 1 pm then took my bath,then sleep again till 6 pm.Read magazines until its time for buka.I know,lifeless kan?.I have nothing else to do.

Tomorrow we don't have to go to school so,i think im gonna help my dad spring clean the house and rearrange a few furnitures.

Im going to have a band function somewhere 24th and the 26th october.The wow part is we have to learn at least 5 new songs for a month.This one is going to be a hell.And the best part,on the 26th,rumour has it that its the final exam date.what.the.eff.And on the 25th is my birthday,gosh.Now practice everyday before school starts.Ohh this going to be a busy month.With studies,and alot more.I seriously need to get everything organized properly,now.

Oh and thanks chicken soup for the soul for your company with me every night.


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