Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Very transparent


Last sunday was fun.Buka puasa with my beloved ssaasband members at shieqa's.I was the second earliest so i helped to welcome the guys while shieqa had her bath.Exhausting,because shieqa's house is huge.I can't even recall how many times i went up and down the house. fiuh

I went back home around 12 pm and went,um straight watching the tv .I can't help it but to think and replay the scene in my head where he actually talked to me.Thanks,i really miss your voice,your laughter.

Today school was not okay.I spent the first three period almost not talking to anybody.It started when i found out my so-called friend was being a two-faced meanie,kay whatever up to you s.I gave you all my trust and you've done this thing to me like,three times.i don't have anything to say.Oh and Az,i know i may have hurt you but,i don't have the strength anymore,you know what i mean.

I really can't wait for tomorrow.



  1. "Thanks,i really miss your voice,your laughter."

    amboi, bukan main lagi? hihi