Saturday, September 12, 2009

Smart is the new sexy


Just done ironing the clothes,pergh.(shut up syameem).Today i attended band practice but a bit late.I slept after sahur and i didn't realize it was 8 15 am until syafiq texted me.

Yesterday was quite fun.Azri invited me to buka puasa with him and a bunch of his friends.Didn't want to hurt his feelings so i decided to go.Went there with sarah and fatin.The portion of the food is sort of big and i didn't finish it.Azri paid my food.Thank you so much.

Then went to skatepark.Hang around ,syafiq called me and said he was there so yeah,i hung out with him ijol and akiem pula.Went back with my dad around 11 30.Guys,thanks for keeping me company :) .

Home,i change into my kaftan and went straight to bed.

And i slept with a smile on my face.


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