Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You're the ultimate


Oh in the picture above,azri made that for me,thanks dude its really cute.The word for today,really um random and easy ? .Nothing much happened,really.

We have two more weeks to go and then its hari raya !Hurrah ! So, from that first hari raya i have to put my halo on and be kind to everyone,start apologizing and stuff.

I always love the first day of raya.In the morning i will see many ketupat and rendang,nyum.Then the people from the mosque will come,Then have a good laugh with all of my cousins.Its a great feeling you know,this whole 'family-bond' thingy.

I am listening to zee avi's song and chatting with hariz shah the great haha.Geez boredom.Oh headache headache,please go away


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