Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Never understimate


Today i got up very early.hugh.My maid knocked on my door many times but i just mumblin' and throwing away pillows.Until she yelled,that it was 12 30 already,i went immediately to the bathroom,brush my teeth,put on clothes ,arrange books and went straight to the bustop.I was late but im used to coming late tho.

I went inside school gate and the prefects just stares.Usually they will come to us and give us slip lewat and start blabbering.I walked,wow this school is really quite.i don't even hear a single noise.Soon,i went into art's class room,everybody stares.Oh Goood,again.I sat down feeling so naive.I didn't realize until cine said " kau mesti lupe en harini sekolah start 12 30 haha".Oh YEAH i totally forgot.I was such a blur dummy.Kay this time i was really late but it was fun i wanna try em' again hehe.

Have i mention you that today is the brightest great day to start school? no? well,its absolutely the opposite.I woke up,it was raining and comfortably chilly.No sunshine at all.mhhmm what a good day to sleep.But the highlight of today is i had a great laugh with Firdaus and the guys.Glad i have those lads around to keep me happy *smiles

Oh gossip girl is here.The tv is calling me.Better not miss it.


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  1. nonono!!i miss the gossip girls..
    curse kau!!