Tuesday, September 1, 2009

What is that smell ?


Today was great! As you can see the picture above,i had my hair cut already,what do you think ?It is now so much shorter oh and when i put my specs on,woah i look intelligent.

Right after my hair being snipped,we went to our usual mall,sunway and i bought well,kind of a lot of things !.Since today is the last day of the mega sale,i took every chance to look on every piece to bargain.I got everything from top to toe.I had new grey skinnies,new cardigan,a sequined top,what else ? oh and a tunic and my fave, studded gladiator heels.Oh thank God i finally own these babies.they're so cute and comfy.Ah i jus lovee the smell of new shoes,i bet every girls do.

We didn't get to see more things because we need to get back and go to my aunt's house.Such a bummer but i am grateful i get to at least buy something.One thing i miss,next mission :find the perfect accessories.

At my aunt's house,there are so many foods for our buka puasa.I spend 5 minutes thinking of what to eat but i end up eating just a few doughnuts and a porridge from the mosque.

krakrukrakrkuk* eating chachos.OMG tomorrow is school day gosh i was barely forgot !.Okay okay all calm.I am calm,because i finished my homeworks.hurrah! Kudos to my brain nerve that won't let me sleep at night.That reminds me,i need my beauty sleep,now.


P/s :Its time to start sniffing books back.But don't worry,later on hari raya we can sniff money *wink