Monday, August 31, 2009



1 2 3 and its 12 am.Merdeka !.I hear the fireworks booming.I wanna go watch but too lazy to lift my butt.As you know since its Ramadhan ,its time to start doing good deeds like ,okay lets see whowhat deeds i did today,

good deeds : Thinking* okay wow,none.
bad deeds : Grumpy all day except for night because my family and i ate at secret recipe which i always craved of their spaghetti and cheesecakes since last week.I sounded fat,no?

Ugh Yeah tomorrow im going to cut my hair a bit,wanna add bangs and trim a few part,*looking at my awful split ends.Im pretty excited tho.

Okay i have to go.I want to be up bright and early tomorrow.


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