Monday, September 28, 2009

Raya 09

This year raya was great,not that speacial but great :).The first day of raya,I quickly put on my new baju kurung my mom bought at vietnam.I love the detailing of thebeads.Very well-made.The off to Gombak.Dad planned to pray there.Its very weird at first because we are not fasting anymore ,oh and i ate ketupat ,rendang, those foods,many times.Sorry for making you boncet tummy.

With beloved mum

I know i look like like a kiddie who wants to sit in between of their parents,whatever.

After Gombak,we went straight to Johor.Oh i just love my cousins there.We're all very close and all of us are tenagers,plus there are no guys in my dad's its not hard at all,teehee.


Oh its been a while (wait,2 years,i think.) i havent touch any mercun ,fire crackers and even pop pop! I guess we're all grown up too fast and not into these stuff anymore.I felt that too.its sad but one night my aunt suprises us with a plastic full of,you know,various of mercuns.So what are we waiting for ? its been a really while.

I had a really great time spending quality time with my family :)

P.s.Not that much to tell.Im not feeling that good.Im having a fever :/


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