Saturday, January 9, 2010



I didn't mean to be showy but i love to share what i like so stop fucking judge me.The doughnut ring ,i always stare at it when im hungry and it actually makes me feel full too.uhhh,what?..Last week i bought another ring which its on crazy diva sale.I went fucking nuts.

Today is me and my boy 2nd month anniversary.I love you <3 .I see him almost everyday now since we're in a same school in morning session.

This 2010 i am really serious about my study.I promised to myself.So far i done things good,first i actually went online only twice a week.good start eyy.i am not so addictive as im used to.Second,i tend to finish my homeworks on time(yes!!),third,i actually really can relate to the phrase 'time is gold' because now i just can't stand sitting in my room and just staring at the walls.Really a waste of time.(which this is what i often did last year and so).HURRAH !

Life feels fucking long now.


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