Saturday, January 2, 2010

Newly wed

Hi guys,

First i want to apologize to my fellow band members for not making it to practice.I once missed my close family's wed due to band function so this time mum won't make me miss this one .

Arrived at the dewan around 10 and started helping.Guest started to arrive and im busy greeting and giving out bunga telur.5 hours later,still in charge of the bunga telur.I was definitely screaming inside because mum's heels is killin me.It has no grip.Effin pain in the tut but *still smiling.
My cousin,kaknina is still a student and already got herself a husband.I like her green pengantin dress tho :) Congratulations kaknina i hope you guys will be happy together forever.

One zit is going to appear in my face anytime soon.Fffuu.

"What if you loved ones,ask for your help to die?"
-wow thats hard to answer.Im already breathless by the question itself 0.0

Question i saw in the cover of one of jodi picoult's book.


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