Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I had asthma for three days.really disturbing.i can't sleep these past days.I miss my friends,i miss my boy,i miss everybody.I feel so lifeless sitting at home.Most everything i do makes me feel used or angry or plain boring.Mesti period nak dekat.ffffff

I want keropok lekor right noww.i know,suddenly.but really,i feel like munching keropoks.I AM SO HUNGRY.

Myspace is getting boring (hoorayy no more addicted).or maybe im the one who is boring.yes.But sadly i develop a new addiction.I can't sleep without playing guitar hero in mum's iphone.nuuuuuuuuuuu.Oh bytheway,i miss homeworks.i miss writing.seriously.I even think i was mad for missing hmworks.Lol its just had been four days ,da aku miss everythingg.hadoi.

tomorrow,band,the next day,seni visual then the next next day,choir.

fucked up things is catching up with me.
stay calm neesa,doodaadoooo


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  1. Tap tap revenge is funner ! My fave game on iph :9