Friday, January 15, 2010

Eiffel eifa

Hey guys,

i've been busy so my blog is getting boring isnt it?I got tons of homeworks and projects to do.Ajiem forced me to update my blog soo yelaahh haha kidding la macha.

Im home alone now.My family went out for dinner as my nose went runny all the time.ohh noo i can sense feverbug going to attack me.shit.I am not so hungry lately and i rarely eat on time.Somtimes i feel full just by loking at my meal.Oh no.

I had choir practice today.I mean,i was in the seni visual but syaz invited me to come so i give it a shot.I love singing but im quite of shy myself singing infront of everyone.I had no experience in choir so today is my first time.*lame .I just do this for fun u know,not serious tho.I will sing the first suprano with shieqa and the other girls.High notess ,dah la sakit tekak tadi.

I think i like guitar.i think.i have one at home.sometimes two.i don't know where my sister get them 0.0 .Ijol and akiem thought me your call (halahh your call je...).im just a starter,bodoh bodoh je.tak gempak mcm ..*silence

ohh ohhh i wished someone bday today,wanted to buy him a pack of sweets haha(saja nak merosakkan gigi dia sempena hari jadi) but i lost sight of him after wishing him haha sooo HAPPY BIRTHDAYY BAIMM!

Forgive me for the last post.oh emotional days..u had em too.

and i love my boy so much.


P.s.haaaa puas hati ajiemm? haha

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